Who can I contact about my UIF claim?

To inquire about your UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) claim in South Africa or seek assistance regarding any issues, you can contact the Department of Employment and Labour or the UIF directly. Here are the primary contacts: UIF Call Centre: You can reach the UIF Call Centre for general inquiries, status checks, or assistance with UIF … Read more

How do I contact UIF office?

Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) office in South Africa is responsible for handling unemployment-related benefits and services. To contact the UIF office, you can follow these general steps: Please keep in mind that procedures and contact details may change over time, so it’s a good idea to verify the current contact information on the official website … Read more

How much UIF money will I get?

The amount of money you will receive from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) in South Africa depends on your salary and how much you have contributed to the fund. UIF benefits are calculated as follows: It is important to note that the UIF benefits are subject to change, and the information provided here is accurate … Read more