How do I find my SARS username and password using ID number?

If you need to find your SARS (South African Revenue Service) eFiling username and password using your ID number, you can follow these steps: Visit the SARS eFiling Website: Go to the SARS eFiling website at Ensure you have access to a computer or smartphone with an internet connection. Click on “Login”: On the … Read more

What to do if IRP5 is not on eFiling?

If your IRP5 is not available on eFiling in South Africa, you should take the following steps to address the issue: Check for Timely Submission: Ensure that your employer has submitted your IRP5 to the South African Revenue Service (SARS) on time. Employers are required to submit IRP5s to SARS by the end of May … Read more

How can I get my ITR12 tax return on eFiling?

To access your ITR12 tax return on eFiling (the South African Revenue Service’s online tax filing platform), you can follow these steps: Register or Log In to eFiling: If you haven’t already registered for eFiling, you will need to create an account. Visit the SARS eFiling website: and click on the “Register” button if … Read more