Who can I contact about my UIF claim?

To inquire about your UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) claim in South Africa or seek assistance regarding any issues, you can contact the Department of Employment and Labour or the UIF directly. Here are the primary contacts:

  1. UIF Call Centre: You can reach the UIF Call Centre for general inquiries, status checks, or assistance with UIF claims. The UIF Call Centre can provide information and guidance regarding UIF benefits, including maternity benefits.
    • UIF Call Centre: 0800 030 007 (toll-free from a landline) or 012 337 1680 (standard rates apply from a cell phone).
  2. Department of Employment and Labour Offices: Visit or contact the nearest Department of Employment and Labour office for assistance with UIF claims, queries, or to follow up on your claim status.
    • The official Department of Employment and Labour website might provide contact details for specific offices or regional centers.
  3. uFiling Support: If you used the uFiling system to submit your UIF claim, they might have dedicated support services or helplines to assist with inquiries related to the uFiling platform.
    • Check the uFiling website or documentation for any available contact information or support services.

When contacting any of these entities, have your UIF reference number, personal identification details, and any relevant documentation regarding your claim readily available. This information will help them locate your claim and provide accurate assistance or information about its status.

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