Can I do a CCMA case online?

In general, the CCMA in South Africa has an online case management system known as “CCMA e-File,” which allows parties to initiate and manage cases electronically. This system allows users to submit forms, upload supporting documents, and track the progress of their cases. If you have decided to lodge a dispute, you need to complete a … Read more

What are the requirements to work at CCMA?

To work at the CCMA (Commission for Conciliation, Mediation, and Arbitration), there are certain requirements that individuals need to fulfill. The CCMA is a South African institution that deals with labor disputes and aims to promote fair and effective resolution of workplace conflicts. The specific requirements to work at the CCMA may vary depending on … Read more

How do I lodge a complaint with CCMA online?

Lodging a complaint with the CCMA (Commission for Conciliation, Mediation, and Arbitration) online is a relatively straightforward process. The CCMA is an independent dispute resolution body in South Africa that deals with labor-related disputes. Here’s a general guide on how to lodge a complaint with the CCMA online: Remember, it’s important to consult the official … Read more